Estreno del primer videoclip de In Vain
Cuarto Oscuro en México

Premiere of the first IN VAIN’s videoclip

We are pleased to announce the eagerly-awaited IN VAIN’s first video of their track called “In Death We Trust”. The premiere will be carried out in a very special and unique moment this is, on next Wednesday, 12th December 2012 at 12:00pm.

Video de In Vain

Video de In Vain

For this special premiere, we have chosen three professional Media where can be watched exclusively, these Media are the following:

The track for this video is “In Death We Trust”, from their second album with the same name. The video has been filmed by MFacci Photography during this last November 2012.

We remind you that IN VAIN is a Metal band from Madrid, Spain with a wide rage of influences in their sound, from Classic Heavy Metal from the 80’s and with some parts of Power and Thrash Metal. IN VAIN’s album, “In Death We Trust” is a bunch of energy powerful tracks, true Heavy Metal songs, very much elaborated absolutely full of enthusiasm and strength.

Please remember, next Wednesday, 12th of the 12th month at 12 o’clock pm, premiere of IN VAIN’s first video which can be watched exclusively through these friendly webzines:,  &

You cannot miss one of the best Heavy Metal choices which have recently appeared in our Metal scene.

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